Saving Experimental Lakes Area is a victory for clean water

Queen’s Park - Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, made the following statement regarding the Experimental Lakes Area:
“Today marks an important victory for clean water, science and our environment.
I commend the Premier’s efforts to keep Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) running.
Nearly 2000 people sent letters in support of the ELA as part of the Green Party’s action campaign. I made saving the ELA a priority in my meeting with the Premier last week. I want to thank Premier Wynne for responding positively to our demands.
I want to thank the thousands of Canadians who put pressure on the Ontario government to save the ELA after the Harper government abandoned its responsibility to support clean water research.
We all benefit from the freshwater research at the ELA that protect our lakes and rivers. The Green Party will continue to fight for clean water and environmental protections. This is one step - we have more to do to protect water and local food sources.
I congratulate the scientists at the ELA, the tireless work done by the Council of Canadians, Save the ELA foundation, the Boreal Forest Network and other community groups who took action on this issue.”