Alex Hill

Ottawa West - Nepean

Alex Hill has been a lifelong resident of Ottawa West—Nepean and is eager to give back to the community in which he has always resided.

While pursuing a degree in political science at the University of Ottawa, Alex has mobilised members of the community around a number of issues, from Question Period reform to the mass arrests at the G-20 summit in Toronto.

In 2010, Alex co-founded Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament and was one of the chief organizers of the anti-prorogation rally that brought thousands of protesters to Parliament Hill.

He also sat on the Board of Directors of Canadians Advocating Political Participation, a non-partisan organization that sprang out of the anti-prorogation movement. In this capacity, he has advocated for democratic reform and increased civic engagement. In the most recent federal election, Alex was active on-campus encouraging young voters to make their voices heard.

Over the years, Alex has involved himself in electoral campaigns for various parties, but he feels most at home with the Green Party of Ontario. Alex shares the Green Party’s commitment to democratic renewal, sustainability, and non-violence. He is particularly enthusiastic about the decentralized, grassroots approach to politics that the Greens have adopted.