Vivek Gupta

Mississauga - Erindale

Vivek is committed to fiscal responsibility, ecological wisdom, and social justice which is why he is running as a candidate for the Green Party of Ontario in the Mississauga-Erindale riding.

Vivek has spent the last 24 years raising a family (Field Inspector in the Construction Industry) here in Ontario, and he wants to give back to the community that he calls home. Vivek is looking forward to meeting the people of his riding, and representing them at Queen’s Park.

Vivek was born in 1968 in a small town called Nagina of India. After his graduation from a secondary school he enrolled in university and completed his Civil Engineering degree. Having met his to-be beautiful wife Payal, they decided to have children and were blessed with two healthy children. Now his eldest son is attending Conestoga College and his daughter is planning on attending university. Vivek took up residency in Canada in 2004 and his brother-in-law was especially helpful in providing support for his family and helping him to establish his new life here in Ontario. Vivek is very grateful for all the support and blessings in his life that has received as a result of making his new life in Canada. Although pursuing a career in the construction industry has proven to be challenging for him as he has frequently encountered seasonal layoffs over the years.

Vivek has always been interested in creating a stable life for his family and community. He also loves to meet people from different parts of the world who come from different cultures and traditions; he consequently has many friends from many different ethnic backgrounds. His wife Payal also shares the same interests and they both have invested the majority of their time promoting multiculturalism in the GTA. Payal has organized various wedding shows displaying bridal clothes of different cultures of the world, she now has an established following of people who eagerly await her next showings. Mahendi is an art which Payal loves to promote here in Canada. Through her efforts over the past 10 years Payal is happy to see so many Canadians are appreciating Mahendi (Henna Tattoos).

Vivek has been a Green Party Member since 2004. He is a member and supporter of the Heart and Stroke Association, TD Environmental Association, Save the Children, and Sick Kids. His volunteer work has also included providing transportation to seniors when they are in need of medical attention in Oakville.

The Green Party of Ontario is earnestly striving to bring about a better form of democracy. Vivek strongly believes that Canada has the resources, a well-educated workforce, means and funds to resolve many issues that are currently impacting and eroding our standard of living in Ontario.

Vivek would like to invite all Canadians to join hands and help Canada become the best democratic nation in the world. As the sayings go, “everything is possible”, “where there is a will there is a way” and he strongly feels that we have a wonderful opportunity in this up-coming election to choose a government who will listen to our concerns, and endeavor to support all Canadians.