Greens will prioritize grid access to local and community-based energy projects.


Greens will prioritize grid access to local and community-based energy projects.

Toronto, Ontario – The Green Party’s energy plan will prioritize grid access for local, community-based renewable energy projects, instead of reserving access for large corporations.

“By removing the barriers to grid access every home, farm, business and community centre can become power producers,” said Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner. “We have an opportunity for every community to benefit from generating power, by moving Ontario to a decentralized, distributed system.”

The Green Energy Act has created controversy across the province. The Liberals and Conservatives are presenting a false choice about the future of green energy in Ontario: move forward with the current corporate approach that rolls over communities, or scrap the program altogether. The Green Party of Ontario counters that there is a third option that maximizes the benefit to communities across the province.

The Green Party’s approach prioritizes local ownership and local decision-making so that energy projects maximize local benefits and are located in places that make sense.

Green energy entrepreneurs in Ontario see this community-based alternative as a welcome change to the current political rhetoric. The industry was recently plunged into uncertainty with the threat of the cancellation of the Feed-in Tariff program.

“To encourage more investment, we need reliable grid access and a stable, transparent policy framework,” said Neil Kromhout of Enermin Solutions in Dunnville, Ontario. “The FIT program should be designed to stimulate community involvement, but in too many cases large corporations receive grid access ahead of the taxpayers whose tax dollars have paid for the grid.”

Enermin Solutions, like hundreds of other local green energy businesses across Ontario, is creating jobs that benefit the local economy and helping homeowners, farmers and community groups earn income from investing in Solar PV systems.
It’s time for a long-term, sustainable energy plan that will provide a reliable source of affordable energy for our communities with the flexibility to incorporate new technologies.

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