AGM12P06 - Support research of Thorium based Molten Salt Reactor technology

Resolution Submitter: 
Pauline Thompson
Resolution Type: 

WHEREAS 9.4.1 in the GPO Policy Book states that no new nuclear power stations should be built in Ontario and that existing nuclear power generating stations should be shut down as soon as may be practicable after the shutdown of the coal-fired stations; and

WHEREAS new and safer forms of nuclear power generation - Molten Salt Reactors - have been proposed based on the more abundant element thorium rather than uranium; and

WHEREAS thorium-based Molten Salt Reactors have the following benefits: no risk of meltdown; can dispose of existing nuclear waste, using it as fuel, while producing clean energy; a significantly reduced risk of weapons proliferation; much shorter lived waste products; can operate without high-pressure containment, and can be small and flexible in terms of the site requirements.

WHEREAS Molten Salt Reactors would not produce significant plutonium and other transuranic wastes;

WHEREAS with a growing population and increased future energy and land demands, renewables may not entirely replace electric power generation using fossil fuels and nuclear electricity generation.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the although the GPO opposes any future funding and development of conventional nuclear power plants, the GPO supports new research into thorium-based Molten Salt Reactor technology.